The Asbury Revival, True or False?

 By Pastor Dewey Roberts - Posted at Vanguard Presbyterian Church:

In recent days, I have had several people contact me about the Asbury Revival which is happening presently at Asbury University in Asbury, Kentucky. Time will tell if this is a true revival or just a work of the human flesh. Either way, there will certainly be some people who come to faith as a result of what is happening and for that we will rejoice. Yet, not all that glitters is gold. One of the things that concerns me is that Rick Warren and Francis Chan and other like-minded ministers have already gone to Asbury or they are on their way there to try to fan those flames into a revival that reaches other college campuses also. It makes me wonder if and when Andy Stanley and his entourage of LGBTQ supporters will make it there also.

I have written often about the need for revival in our country and I still do. I have also tried to distinguish between true revival and false revival. As a youth, I was a member of two different United Methodist Church congregations in which the gospel was never preached by the pastors. Yet, the general concept of a revival was supported in both congregations. At Trinity United Methodist Church in Winston-Salem, NC, we had annual so-called revival meetings which were more experiential in nature. There were calls for decisions and emphases on lay renewal. One thing that has always stood out to me about those meetings is the person who was the “star” of them for three straight years. Each year, he would renew his commitment and tell the congregation how his life was now turned around and renewed. Then, the congregation would not see him again until the next year when the Lay Renewal meetings were taking place once again. Then, he got another fifteen minutes of fame. Meanwhile, I attended every service every week but never heard the gospel even once.

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  1. Who are we to be judge. God knows the heart of every man. He doesn’t want anyone to perish. Maybe HE’s leading the LBGT community there to lead them to repentance. They need the Love, Grace, & Mercy of Almighty God, just like we do! I believe we need to get rid of all spirits of religion & worship HIM in spirit & truth! After all, HE is the way, the truth, & the life! He does for every single one of us! He died for the drug addict, & the prostitute. All of us have been harlots at some point in our lives. I’m praying His Holy Spirit will burn like a fire. May HE burn up anything that is NOT of HIM!

  2. Christians are to use discernment in all matters and it is wise to wait on these things to see the fruit produced while examining the Word of God to see if what is being taught/preached at these events lines up with the Word of God.


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