Thoughts On Reopening Our Churches

By Simonetta Carr - Posted at the White Horse Inn:

“Our congregation realized that at least twenty individuals didn’t have email addresses, but we only realized that after Covid. We need to be aware of people in our congregations and communities who are on their own. We need to be aware of those who are technologically isolated. Isolation and loneliness did not just suddenly materialize in the last eight weeks – single people and the elderly struggle with or without this lockdown. We need to be more involved with the community as a congregation, really be there for people as they try to navigate the new world after Covid.” (Catherine, member of a Presbyterian church in Scotland)
A couple of weeks ago, my pastor challenged the congregation with a weighty thought: our eagerness to reopen our church should not be self-centered. These words lingered in my mind long after the sermon was over. What would be a self-centered reason to reopen? A desire to claim our right to return to church? A simple wish to be in the company of other Christians? And what would be instead the right motivation?

Similar thoughts have occupied the minds of many Christians over these weeks of lockdown. I have interviewed a few to compare their opinions.