Street Preacher Assaulted in Seattle’s ‘Autonomous Zone,’ Dragged Through Street

Image Source: BPR

Posted at Christian News Network:

A number of videos surfacing on social media show a street preacher being assaulted in what has come to be labeled Seattle’s “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone,” and in one short video clip appears to show the preacher being dragged unconscious through the street.

The unidentified preacher can be seen being surrounded by a number of people while speaking on one of the streets closed by the activists, assaulted, and at one point kissed against his will on the face.

The “autonomous zone,” which been taken over by Antifa and BLM activists and supporters, has been illegally blocked off by those who want to do away with police, and who are now encamped in the six block area. The area includes Seattle Police Department’s burned out East Precinct.

In one video clip, the street preacher is confronted by a man wearing a red handkerchief over his face, stating, “You’ll die out here, bro. You want to die out here?”

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