America's Newest Religion

By Eric Davis - Posted at The Cripplegate:

These recent days have been sorrowful ones. The curse of the Fall has been three-dimensional in painful ways. Lives have ended that should not have. The great intruder of death has reared its ugly, uninvited head. Equally uninvited, has been financial ruin, physical injury, destruction of property, anxiety, fear, emotional distress, closure of essential stores and services, not to mention the virus. Truly these last few months have been replete with thorns and thistles. Some have experienced immense pain. Thankfully, our God is the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who gives great hope of Jesus Christ, he who will right all wrongs.

A few months ago, it was mentioned here that Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality (CRT/I) collectively, was being embraced by many within professing Christianity. At the 2019 SBC Convention, for example, it was insisted that CRT/I was merely a tool alongside biblical Christianity for the purpose of understanding cultural-sociological issues. However, as many proposed, CRT/I has proved far more than a mere tool subservient to biblical Christianity. That fact has become more clear in these most recent days. Rising up from the recent sorrowful events, we have seen what many understood, and warned of: Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality is not a tool, but an entirely separate religion. One could argue that it is America’s Newest Religion.

America appears to have hatched a new religion. Atheist author James Lindsay wrote at length, arguing that CRT/I features the tenets of an independent religion. Mike Nayna writes, “I’ve seen more direct public discussion recently about the religious aspects of anti-racism. This rabbit hole goes much deeper than you would imagine, right down to the reemergence of a new kind of special revelation within certain corners of academia.”

Every religion has similar, general features. Each proposes an absolute, a view of humanity, the problem of humanity, a corresponding salvation, some community ethic, and more.

To begin, we will look at what CRT/I teaches on humanity and the corresponding problem.


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