Coronavirus – Prayer Requests From the Church in Wuhan, China

A real photo of a family at Guangzhou Airport, showing the fear prevalent in much of China today. (Asia Harvest)

Posted at Asia Harvest:

"Please pray for the peace of Christ to rule and reign in our hearts, so that we may be a witness to those who are without hope."

In this special e-bulletin we ask you to please pray for the people of Hubei Province, China, especially the many followers of Jesus who live in Wuhan and surrounding districts. Although it's not one of the strongest Christian provinces in China, we estimate that among the 11 million inhabitants of the whole Wuhan Prefecture, approximately 470,000 (or 4 percent) are professing believers, including 240,000 house church members and 160,000 members of government-approved Three-Self churches. There are more than three million Christians in all of Hubei Province.

Over the years, Asia Harvest has printed and delivered more than 380,000 Bibles to believers in Hubei. While that work will need to be put on hold for a while, as the whole province is on lockdown (no one allowed in or out, and internal travel has also been curtailed), our work continues throughout the other 30 provinces of China.

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