October 1783—Seventh Congressional Day of Thanksgiving

Elias Boudinot: Tenth President of Congress - November 4, 1782 to November 3, 1783.
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From June 1775 to August 1784, the Continental Congress issued sixteen spiritual proclamations, calling all Thirteen States to fast, pray, and give thanks to God. During this period of time, Congress most commonly issued proclamations in the spring calling upon the states to fast and pray. And, in the fall of the year, Congress issued proclamations of thanksgiving. This alternating pattern was first observed in the New England colonies and later was brought into the Southern colonies. In Virginia, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Richard Henry Lee, and several other members of the Virginia House of Burgesses advocated for these observances.[1]

Tragically, contemporary attempts to recount the history of America often completely ignore the formative influence the Christian faith exercised upon America’s founding. But as will be seen in the congressional spiritual proclamation of October 1783, America’s Founding Fathers had no intention of denying the Christian faith a role in the life of the nation.


  1. There’s no similar holiday in the UK when thanksgiving and praise is given to ‘our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens.’ Even if Brexit becomes a reality, and the UK leaves the European Union, the prospect of a thanksgiving holiday is zilch!

    Christians who constitute 53.6% of the UK’s population are divided on the issue, and only 11.4% of them say they attend church at least once a month. So sadly I doubt there will ever be a UK Thanksgiving Day when we shall praise our Father, but there may be an Independence Day when we shall fly the flag of St. George and have the day off as a holiday!


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