What to make of the hug heard ‘round the world

By Peter Heck - Posted at Disrn:

Unless you’ve been utterly removed from civilization, by now you have witnessed the hug heard ‘round the world:

For those who won’t watch the full statement and who skip ahead to the miraculous 2:29 mark on the video, you will likely be left with a sense of astonishment, awesome wonder, and even bewildered confusion. You’re left asking:
  • How could he do that?
  • How can someone embrace their brother’s murderer?
  • How could he be the one to initiate it?
That type of mercy and forgiveness is totally antithetical to human nature. So where did it come from, how does this 18-year-old possess it, and how could I ever experience that kind of spirit myself? Brandt Jean tells you the answer to all those questions in his statement preceding the embrace.

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