Obey God Rather Than Man

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By Kyle E. Sims - Posted at Gentle Reformation:

In Acts 5:29, Peter tells the High Priest, "We must obey God rather than men." The teaching of this verse is something that should be evident without much explanation. Many are ready to do this on the significant issues. We are willing to go to jail or death rather than reject Jesus, and we would refuse to allow abortion or euthanasia in our family even if commanded to by the authorities. The problem for most American Christians is not significant issues, but the small issues of our day to day life.

Peer Pressure is not something that only middle and high school kids face. Adults are still facing the choice of obeying God rather than men in several areas of life. We are asked to do unethical practices in our work life. We are asked to ignore our church's worship service and the Lord's day by our friends and family. We are asked to go to movies or parties that we know are not where the Lord would have us be. Our desire to be liked and fit in wars with our desire to obey God.

Fear of loss is a real fear for many folks. There are Christians around the world and through the ages that have lost everything for Jesus. Think of the Muslim convert that is disowned by his family — the Chinese Christian in jail for his faith. Many have suffered financial loss or social exclusion. What has your being a Christian cost you? Has it cost you anything. If you have not experienced loss for the sake of Christ, then maybe the thought of suffering is an area that frightens you. The fear of loss is a weak point where we are tempted to buckle. Many have stood on the Bible until it started to cost them something. It is a great temptation when we have a family member engage in sinful choices. It puts us between a God that calls us to be holy and the world that calls us to love and accept. It is easier to ignore or even condone sin instead of lovingly addressing it as a sin that needs to be confessed and fought. The thought of losing or not supporting a family member is too high a price for many.

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