One Man’s Fall is Another Man’s Warning

By David Qaoud - Posted at Gospel Relevance:

It happens a lot. An evangelical Christian pastor disqualifies himself from ministry. As a young minister myself, I have been long warned and told of the temptations and sins that are unique to pastors. But there’s a difference between hearing about someone else’s fall and seeing it actually happen to them. I try not to celebrate when others lose. For me, there’s always an eerie feeling associated with someone’s downfall.

What do you do when you hear the story of a Christian leader who disqualifies himself from ministry? Do you judge, critique, or assume motives? “Stupid failure,” you might think to yourself. Don’t say it. Instead, when you hear of a Christian leader who disqualifies himself from ministry, consider yourself warned.

If you don’t think you’re capable of committing atrocious sins that will disqualify you from ministry, you don’t understand your own heart. As it’s been said, whenever we think “I would never do such-and-such sin,” our lives are not far from disaster.


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