Pilgrims, Holland, America and Religious Freedom

By Bill Muehlenberg - Posted at Culture Watch:

Published 1.14.2019

I penned a piece yesterday on the very sad state of the Netherlands. It has really led the way in many respects with all the radical secular left agenda items, including being the first nation in the world to legalise homosexual marriage (2001) and euthanasia (2002).

Once a stronghold of Christianity – especially of the Reformed variety – it is now famous for its cannabis cafes and red-light districts. Hedonism and progressivism rule, at least in the large cities – the rural Dutch are more conservative and less thrilled about all this.

Much of this springs from it being a land known for its tolerance. But there is tolerance and there is tolerance. As I said in my piece yesterday:

The bizarre thing is, the origins of Dutch tolerance really began in the 16th century, and was of a religious nature, with a Protestant monarch showing toleration to the country’s Catholic minority. But as the Christian faith declines there, the only tolerance we find remaining is for all the radical leftist social policies, such as toleration for prostitution, drugs, homosexuality, euthanasia and so on.

Today someone on the social media asked me about the Puritans in Holland. I told her that they were actually various English dissenting Christians (Separatists, Pilgrims, Puritans) who found sanctuary for a period there before they left for the New World. I also mentioned that I used to go to a church in Amsterdam that was a Pilgrim church.

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