How Your Child's Life Can Derail through Media and Friends

Screenshot of YouTube's front page as of August 29, 2017 - Wikipedia

By Linda Harvey - Posted at Mission America:

A 13-year-old girl spends hours watching poison on YouTube. The dream of every parent? Hardly.

But many parents don’t see the unfolding tragedy until it’s too late.

It’s true that educational videos can be helpful and many families deeply appreciate those that guide kids through algebra, the geography of Africa or conversational Spanish.

But there’s another kind of online education, one producing horrific outcomes, including early (sometimes deviant) sexual activity. Other results are reflected in abortion statistics, criminal cases—and in honest obituaries.

At tender ages, our children are taught, via video, to proudly engage in masturbation or to accept abortion (Netflix show Big Mouth). Planned Parenthood features an outrageous YouTube where teens advocate sexual activity to their peers, and in another, they’ll learn the pleasure and “safety” of sado-masochism.

Kids can also binge on suicide ideation (Netflix’ 13 Reasons Why, already implicated in several real life teen suicides). Then there’s witchcraft, sorcery and satanism readily available in video after video, not to mention popular TV shows like Netflix’ revived Sabrina and CW’s Charmed.

The online sensation “Slenderman”was the obsession of two middle school girls just arrested at a FL middle school as they plotted a satanic mass murder of classmates.

And then there are YouTube videos featuring teens who have “transitioned” to the opposite sex. Who watches these? All kinds of adolescents, and the impact is apparently powerful.