Life as a Vapour

By Paul Washer - Posted at Banner of Truth:

It has been a little over one year since my heart attack (March 21, 2017). Without warning, I fell to the kitchen floor unconscious. I remember nothing that happened thereafter until five days later when I found myself in a hospital room. I asked what happened, and someone said, ‘You died three times.’ My heart had stopped and had been resuscitated on three separate occasions.

I would like to be able to say that, in that moment, I said something spiritual; instead, I responded ‘I am just like Buck!’ Everyone just stared blankly, until I explained myself: ‘I am just like Buck. You know, the weasel on Ice Age who said “I died, but then I lived!”‘ Then everyone laughed.

During my hospital stay, the pain in my ribs was intense due to the cardiac resuscitation. To add to that, the damaged neuroreceptors in my brain (from lack of oxygen) made me feel like my skin was on fire. The smallest movements resulted in intense pain. Due to a loss of my short-term memory, I nearly drove my wife crazy by asking the same questions over and over. She started occasionally calling me ‘Dory’ and ‘Rain Man’.

As the days passed, I had plenty of time for reflection: ‘If I had died (or ‘stayed dead’) what would have been my regrets? What would I have changed? What should I change now that God has extended my life?’