Sexual Abuse Survivor Support

Darlene Pawlik - Public Speaker and New Creation in Christ

Posted at The Darling Princess:

SASS! That is so common in my home. We love to be spunky and lively in our conversations. Our playful banter is often a healing release for the grave issues we work daily to address. Sexual Abuse, Human Trafficking, and Abortion are frequent topics in our home and the focus of my work as a public speaker.

Hard Story, Soft Voice

I did a radio show with Savethe1 members and the renowned, Dr, James Dobson. The broadcasts, part 1, part 2, and part 3 were re-aired this January. I speak a couple of times each month. Nearly every time I speak about child sexual abuse, juvenile sex trafficking, or coerced abortion someone from the audience will approach me and tell me that they have experienced, at least some part of the things I’d shared from my own life. Since this was radio, one such response came in the form of an email.

I will not share the email with you, but I do think the response might bring comfort to someone. The core violation of sexual abuse is so intense, so shame inducing, and so traumatizing that it took great courage just to reach out in a private email. The person broke through all of that to ask me how I got past my past.

Perhaps, you would benefit from the overwhelming solidarity that I felt as I responded to the cry for help in dealing with a pain that lingers, basically forever.