Ontario, Canada: 'Judge Rules in Favor of Christian Couple Who Lost Foster Children for Refusing to Lie About Easter Bunny'

By Heather Clark - Posted at Christian News Network: 

ONTARIO — A Superior Court judge in Canada has ruled in favor of a Christian couple who lost their foster children, and were prevented from caring for other children, after refusing to lie by claiming that the Easter Bunny was delivering candy to their home.

Derek and Frances Baars are Reformed Presbyterians and began fostering two girls, ages three and five, in December 2015. However, shortly after the girls were placed in their home, concerns were raised by the Children’s Aid Society that the couple was not going to play Santa Claus and Easter Bunny with the children.

The Baars, who according to legal documents, do not celebrate Christmas or Easter at all, said that they were willing to buy the girls gifts and give them candy if the biological parents expected them to do so, but would not tell the children that the goodies were from Santa or the Easter Bunny.

Notes had been written in the home study in regard to the couple’s religious beliefs prior to the arrangement. The Baars also advised that they would not bring up the subject to the girls at all as they believe that all lying is “morally wrong.”


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    1. Thank you, Maria. I spent many years getting grounded in reformed theology at a RP church in Sparta, IL, and the RP folks are some of the most gentle, mild-tempered folks I have ever known. I'm astounded that this couple had foster children removed due to their Christian beliefs and for not wanting to lie to the children. I'm very happy they've been vindicated, but sad for the grief they've had to endure. May the good Lord bless them with many children and much love from those they've parented. Amen.

    2. Amen, Angela! May the Lord bless them. Like Abraham, they will teach their children rightly.

      Your experience of RP Christians is really interesting to me. We had a like experience in NW Ohio in an Associate Reformed Presbyterian assembly. Gentle and devout.

      Lord bless you, sister!


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