Evangelist Sues Georgia Gov't After Being Banned From Preaching on Public Sidewalk

Scottish Covenanter John Livingstone street preached.

By Samuel Smith - Posted at The Christian Post:
"Love strongly desires to return to the public sidewalks adjacent to Centennial Olympic Park and share his religious views while large events are taking place in the park, but he does not want to risk criminal arrest," one of Love's lawyers, Terry Lloyd, wrote in the lawsuit, according to AP.
A Christian street preacher has filed a federal lawsuit against government authorities in the state of Georgia after he says he was banned from preaching outside outside of a park while a music festival was being held.

Eric Love is asking a federal judge to rule whether or not the Georgia World Congress Center Authority has the legal ability to ban him from preaching the Gospel while events are going on, the Associated Press reports.

The lawsuit stems from Love being banned from preaching in May outside of Atlanta's Centennial Olympic Park during the Shake Beats music festival.


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