Consuming ‘Good Community’ as an Asian American Millennial

By Andrew Ong - Posted at Reformed Margins:

“It’s so hard to find good community.”

If you’re a millennial who’s searched for a new church or who knows other millennials searching for one, then the chances are you’ve heard this before. And probably more than once.

Community, relationship, connection, belonging. Ask any millennial searching for a church what they’re looking for, and see how long it takes before such words pop up.

As fun as it is to bash millennials, let me first say that this is a good thing. It’s good to desire community. It’s good to value relationships. It’s healthy to seek connection, and it’s natural to pursue belonging.

That millennials are seeking ‘good community’ in a new church home is something to praise God for.

But why such good community is proving so hard to find is something that should trouble us.

As an aspiring pastor and as someone who’s relocated several times over the past twelve years, I’ve often reflected on why “it’s so hard to find good community.”


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