The Great Lie We’ve Believed

By Dana Hall McCain - Posted at The Dothan Eagle:

I’ve been a Republican longer than I’ve been a Christian. I gave my heart to Christ at age 11, but by that time I’d already gone through a couple of years of conservative devotion. In grammar school, I found a stash of souvenirs from my father’s trip to the 1968 Republican National Convention and became enamored with an autographed 8 x 10 glossy of Barry Goldwater. I actually hung it on the wall beside my bed for a time.

Other girls could have Scott Baio and Ralph Macchio. I had more serious concerns.

Daddy explained to me why he was a Republican: he was a Christian, and he felt that conservatism aligned most closely with his Christian values, and Republicans aligned most closely with conservatism. In that order.

But somewhere along the way we’ve gotten confused on the hierarchy of things. We had good intentions when in the 80s we founded the Moral Majority to harness the power of Christian voters and increase impact on government, in the hope of shaping our culture. But two distinct problems have emerged: political investment has yielded almost no discernible positive impact on our culture (look at the stats—we’re actually going backward), and the focus on the effort has distracted us from our real calling, which is to deliver the gospel message to the lost so that they might be saved.


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