The ‘Alt-Right’ Aren’t On The Right, They’re Just Racists

By Connor Mighell - Posted at The Federalist:

Identity politics of any stripe is not conservatism. Both fascists and communists oppose the core principles of the political right.

It goes without saying that what occurred in Charlottesville involved a literal and figurative “parade of horribles.” A collection of hate-filled morons turned a college town into their personal parade ground in a sickening display. Many were assaulted and killed as the marchers’ intentions shifted from assembly to riot.

The organizers of this orgy of evil seem to be operating under the sad delusion that they are part of “the Right.” Their choice to name their Charlottesville demonstration “Unite the Right” and insistence on using the term “alt-right” to describe themselves is further evidence of this belief.

I would like to disabuse these self-described “deplorables” of this false notion. The agitators in Charlottesville were not members of any recognizable right-wing movement. In fact, their purposes and methods contradict those practiced by the American Right.