SBC denounces 'alt-right white supremacy'

Southern Baptists overwhelmingly pass a resolution June 14 condemning the racism of the alt-right movement. Members of the Resolutions Committee that crafted the resolution, led by Barrett Duke (center), chairman, and executive director of the Montana Southern Baptist Convention, vote for its passage.
Photo by Bill Bangham - Image Source: Baptist Press

PHOENIX (BP) -- Messengers to the 2017 Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting denounced "alt-right white supremacy" in a nearly unanimous vote Wednesday (June 14) after a tumultuous day of refusing to address the issue.

It appeared maybe fewer than 10 messengers in the Phoenix Convention Center hall voted in the afternoon session against a resolution on "the anti-gospel of alt-right white supremacy." The "alt-right," a movement that advocates white nationalism, has gained increasing attention in the last 18 months.

The action came after a wave of protests on social media from black and white Southern Baptists and other evangelical Christians greeted the failure Tuesday of the Resolutions Committee and messengers to bring an "alt-right" resolution to the floor.

The Resolutions Committee asked Tuesday evening for an opportunity to bring such a resolution to the convention Wednesday, and the Committee on Order of Business and messengers approved its request.