John Adams on the Christian Origin of America

Posted at Christian Heritage Fellowship:

"Tragically, many Christians have taken up the siren song of secularists, and against the avalanche of private and public documents have conceded to the enemies of truth that America’s Founding Fathers were deists—or more specifically were completely irreligious. But, in fact the Founding Fathers have bequeathed thousands of documents to their descendants demonstrating they were not deists, atheists, or agnostics. Rather, they have left a ringing testimony of their Christian commitments—as individuals and en masse."

The attack against the Christian origin of America began in earnest in the late 1940s in the Supreme Court decision of Everson VS Board of Education (1947). In the late nineteenth century, liberalizing influences driven by Darwinian philosophy jettisoned historic American legal studies in law schools throughout America, that—prior to this time period—had faithfully remembered the Christian influence upon America and its laws. And, because textbooks have been edited to exclude acknowledgement of America’s Christian origin, the irreligious or secularists have enjoyed great success in advancing their attacks against the truth. If the historical facts concerning America’s Christian origin had remained in textbooks and other forms of literature, Americans would now be well equipped to refute the deceptive practices of irreligion or wrong religion that have crippled or destroyed other nations around the world.