Christianity is, Again, the Uniting Factor to Political Tragedy

By Jake MacAulay - Posted at The American View:

Published 6.20.2017

Alexandria, Virginia, became the site of a recent horrific shooting, where an avowed socialist man who hated the foundational governing philosophy of America opened fire at a Republican congressional baseball practice, seriously injuring Representative Steve Scalise of Lousiana, and wounding a total of 4 individuals.

The gunman had a “kill list” in his possession, reportedly having three members of Congress on it – all on the “Freedom Caucus” of conservative Republicans.

Rather than retaliation against differing political parties Republican and Democrat members of Congress kneeled at the second base of Washington, D.C.’s Nationals field to pray in a touching dedication to seriously wounded Rep. Steve Scalise during their annual charity baseball game.

The gunman who committed this heinous crime, James T. Hodgkinson, was killed by police after the Wednesday shooting rampage. Having forfeited, as the Constitution states, his right to life, liberty, and property, his judgment was speedy and public.