Saeed Abedini in Germany awaiting wife's arrival

By Diana Chandler - Posted at Baptist Press:

GERMANY (BP) -- The wife of freed pastor Saeed Abedini is expected to meet him in Germany, according to news reports released today (Jan. 19), where his health was being assessed after his release from a three-and-a-half-year imprisonment in Iran.

Naghmeh Abedini was preparing to fly to Germany for a reunion before his return to their Boise, Idaho, home, she said in a Jan. 17 telephone interview on FOX News.

"We are ready to welcome him home. I'm getting ready to fly out to Germany to be able to see him, and the kids are really excited because they are making welcome home signs," she said. "There's a lot of readjustment and a lot of healing that needs to happen. It's time for our family to heal and to move forward."

Abedini was serving an eight-year prison sentence because of his Christian faith.

U.S. Rep. Robert Pittenger, R-N.C., an evangelical Christian who has worked for Abedini's release, said in an Idaho Statesman report that he expects Naghmeh Abedini to arrive in Germany by Jan. 20. Pittenger arrived in Germany Jan. 18, but had not been able to meet with the pastor by that night.

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) lobbied extensively for Abedini's release, which was announced the morning of Jan. 16, but had been considered imminent for two months, ACLJ Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow said in a video on the ACLJ website. In a conversation with Sekulow, the pastor expressed thanks for his release.


  1. ANGELA!! I didn't know this awesome news my sister in Christ!! wow and wow and we praise our Mighty King JESUS CHRIST!! HALLELUJAH! thank you for covering this news... i can't believe i haven't heard anything but i guess it hasn't been that long but still... :) so happy for him, his wife and his babies


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