By Dr. C.R. Curtman

An internet link recently forwarded to me led me to a featured article in one of the most popular liberal “magazines” on the internet. It was written by a confessed pedophile and constituted a condescending diatribe meant to better instruct those who have a problem with adults who desire carnal relations with children. The writer wants the public to know that pedophiles are born that way, that they are for the most part very noble and artsy people, of above average intelligence who are the suffering victims of a society that generally lacks the mental capacity to understand or appreciate their particular sexual preferences. Sound familiar?

This pedophile, presents himself, not a sick-minded degenerate, but as a silently suffering unsung hero, who because of the “sexual orientation” he was born with has been dealt a dirty deal by God and put in a position to be (in his words) the butt of the insults of the whole universe. And its all God’s fault. The implied complaint in his article is that his non-acceptance by the rest of society is God’s fault too because He didn’t make everybody smart enough to understand that there’s nothing wrong with the way a pedophile thinks. This is all questionable; to say the least. What isn’t questionable is the author’s complaint that: “To confess a sexual attraction to children is to lay claim to the most reviled status on the planet.” He’s right about this. He’s spot on about it. Certainly one would have to search long and hard to find anything on earth more repulsive and worthy of reviling than pedophilia – whether fantasized about or acted out.

The author presents himself as a virtuous and courageously forthright victim of an unenlightened society to which he is willing to condescend in hopes of educating them correctly. Sound familiar? The “smart me, dumb you” approach in his article is very familiar. This kind of rhetoric, this kind of mantra, has been successfully over the past several years to turn America completely on its head morally to satisfy less than four percent of the population. The article echoes the same old refrain heard again and again today by the advocates of sexual perversion: “We are the hapless, longsuffering victims of not only God and the whole universe, but also of a society that lacks the intelligence, the nobility and the sympathy to appreciate, accept and applaud us for what we are and what we want to do.”