Millennials, the VMA’s and a New Wave of the Sexual Revolution

By Michelle S. Lazurek, Contributing Writer for MOVIEGUIDE®

"...From Swift’s proclamation that, “It’s great to live in a world where boys can play princesses, and girls can play soldiers”, to Cyrus’s eye popping attire, sex played a huge role in the VMA’s. In her performance of “Dooo It” Cyrus’s performance opened with a team of drag queens grabbing their crotches and ended with Flaming Lips’ frontman Wayne Coyne shooting confetti out into the audience in between Cyrus’ legs."

Provocative dance moves, gyrating hips and outlandish attire were just some of the highlights of this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. From the opening performance of Nicki Manaj’s “The Night is Young/Bad Blood” mash up with Taylor Swift, to Miley’s performance of “Dooo It,” the VMAs did not disappoint in its hopes to try to push the envelope. This year, Miley Cyrus hosted the event, announcing award presenters while trading verbal assaults with Nicki Manaj, swimming in spaghetti for a selfie and having yet another wardrobe malfunction, all done to push the no longer existing public boundaries between appropriate and inappropriate public behavior.

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Editor's Note:
Parents - the culture will influence your children, please be aware of the latest downtrend and do your best to protect your children from it. We've got a transgender teen in Jefferson County, Mo wanting to use the girls locker and rest rooms, plus teen "idols" Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift promoting illicit sex (Miley says she'll do it with anything except animals).. Who knows how long that prohibition will last? These are the role models many little girls looked up to and now they've thrown off all restraints and if the good Lord doesn't intervene, will end up destroying themselves and countless others. - AW