10 Reasons Christians Should Not Teach In Public Schools

Posted at Fire Breathing Christian:

Some of my favorite people have been public school teachers. Some of my favorite people are public school teachers. Some of my favorite people are Christians who are teaching or have taught in American public schools.

As a product/victim of American State-run worldview programming myself, I have much to be thankful for. High on the list is God’s perfect, purposeful use of even the satanic system of mind-sculpting known these days in America as public schools. I am thankful for God’s perfect use of even the pagans who taught me in those schools. I am also very thankful for the Christians who taught me in those schools. Most importantly, I am thankful that the Lord has since delivered me from much, if not all, of the explicitly anti-Christian worldview foundations upon which the whole sorry State-run public school approach was, and is, built. True to His unbreakable Word (see: Romans 8:28), He has perfectly used even the things crafted by rebellious men (many of whom claim to be Christians) in direct opposition to His Word, all to His glory and all to my benefit.

Because I love the Lord who has delivered me from so many of the fundamental lies that this system was designed to have me believe and build my life upon, and because I love both the Christians and the lost who are still subjected to that system as students or empowering it as adults, I am compelled to share some hard biblical truths in a Spirit of faith, trusting that by “testing all things” and challenging others to do the same (1 Thessalonians 5:21), including the deeply entrenched and often adored idol of State-run anti-Christian “education”, the Lord may be pleased to use my flawed expression of obedience and concern to help awaken His people and move them to repentance so that we might together experience restoration on the vital life- and culture-shaping subject of children’s education. (See also: Redeeming Children’s Education: Confronting Our Satanic Approach to the Pursuit of Knowledge.)

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