Colo. Gov't Teenage Uterine Control Success Touted

Posted at Culture News:

Sexual revolutionaries across America are marveling at, what would seem to be obvious: When teenage girls are subjected, without parental notification, to government-injected devices into their uterus that prevent implantation of fertilized human eggs, the rate of teenage pregnancy will drop. However, what naïve liberals overlook (or simply don't care about) is the resulting natural increase in the rate of teen sexual promiscuity that then leads to fewer stable families in the future, and thus the ultimate collapse of society.

"Teens are complicated: They're forgetful, nervous, anxious, awkward, transitioning. Give them the option of an IUD or contraceptive implant and now their worries and quirks around sex and preventing pregnancy are taken care of in one setting for the next five to 10 years."
-- Dr. Jennifer Francis, Columbia University Medical Center (New York City)

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