Conspiracy Privilege?

By insanitybytes - Posted at See, there's this thing called biology…:

So I am an avid conspiritress, I often enjoy a good conspiracy theory, and I’m grateful to see people question narratives and think for themselves, however odd or confused they may appear on the surface. On a grand scale however, I am also keenly aware that the ability, the freedom, the innocence required to chase after conspiracy theories lives somewhere among the sheltered, naive, and protected. The privileged.

People who are busy just trying to survive don’t have time to try to see what’s going on behind the scenes. What’s going on right in front of them is usually more then they can handle.

Does a child being sex trafficked spend hours on Twitter trying to expose the truth about how the world is being run by elite pedophiles? They do not, because they are there, already living it.

You don’t have to tell the victims of the Tuskeegee Syphalis experiment that government and public health officials can be very self serving, unethical, devoid of compassion, and downright genocidal. Heck, germ warfare itself goes back at least as far as smallpox blankets and opium wars.

You do not have to tell a war torn, impoverished, 3rd world country that has been “blessed” with assorted “peace keeping missions,” that the world is ruled by powerful political interests who have formed a new world order, a one world system, in which you are nothing more then collateral damage.

So you see, in order for any of these things to now be perceived as a “conspiracy theory,” you really have to have some major privilege and live in a very protected bubble where the reality of recent history does not even penetrate. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, that’s just some prime real estate. Privilege.


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