Voddie Baucham warns culture under divine judgment, urges Christians to 'be ready' for persecution

Pastor Voddie T. Baucham, above, claimed that the pervasive sexual sins of the prevailing culture have reached an unprecedented scale and are evidence of divine judgment, and also urged his listeners to pray for revival. 
(Photo: Baptist Press/Adam Covington)

 By Jon Brown - Posted at The Christian Post:

'Plead with Him that all would not be lost'

Published June 7, 2024

ARLINGTON, Texas — Pastor Voddie T. Baucham warned that the pervasive sexual sins of the prevailing culture are signs of divine judgment, but that the Gospel still offers hope and that American Christians should plead with God for revival while preparing for persecution.

Baucham, who is on leave in the U.S. from his position as Dean of Theology at African Christian University in Lusaka, Zambia, preached from Romans 1 during an event last Saturday at Lamar Baptist Church outside Dallas.

Reiterating some of the points in his new book, It's Not Like Being Black: How Sexual Activists Hijacked the Civil Rights Movement, which was released Tuesday, Baucham noted the irony that he was making his remarks on the first day of pride month, which he referred to as "pride goes before destruction month."


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