Vengeance Wins?

The Minn. Lt. Gov. advocating for the “Day of Vengeance”

 By Jesse Johnson - Posted at The Cripplegate:

Published March 31, 3032

Tomorrow in Washington DC, a few miles away from the church I pastor, will be a rally called the “Trans Day of Vengeance.” The event will be led by the “Trans Radical Activist Network,” and has been promoted by political leaders around the country. Supporters of the “Trans Day of Vengeance” say that the Trans Community is under attack, and their protection can only come through retribution.

This week has exposed a seething, violent hatred towards those who won’t fly the rainbow flag over their homes, churches, and on their social media accounts. That the Day of Vengeance takes place the week of the Nashville shooting is no coincidence—or if it is, one of the leaders of the trans movement called it “a happy coincidence.” The media has shown its hatred for the church as well—with major outlets even strongly implying (if not outright declaring) that the church is responsible for the shooting at its own school. The White House expressed support for the calls for vengeance on those that oppose the trans movement because, in their words, “the trans movement is under attack.”

What does the White House mean by “under attack”? When the layers are peeled back, what this rhetoric means is that the current administration perceives laws in places like Tennessee, Florida, and Kentucky as “threatening” and “erasing” trans people. What is in those laws that justify “taking vengeance?” In short, those laws ban “gender affirming” surgery on kids. They ban the teaching in public schools that kids can be born in the wrong body, and need to mutilate themselves in order to feel themselves. This is what is at stake—the government’s insistence to teach kids that the way to happiness is through self-harm.

My heart breaks for people in the trans movement. Many of them are victims. School kids are taught to hate themselves at a young age, and the people in their lives that should be protecting and defending them are instead selling them out for political points.


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