Introducing 'Mercy Adams Writes'

The editor is pleased to introduce you to a new blog and it's editor Mercy Adams. Please check out Mercy's new blog at: Mercy Adams Writes . Thank you! Angela Wittman



Mercy Adams is a pen name used to write about the founding of the United States of America from the perspective of a godly, patriotic woman who loves her country and the men and women who dared to risk it all (their lives, fortunes and sacred honor) for Americans and their posterity to live in a land of liberty and religious freedom.

The author has great respect for American founders Samuel and John Adams, hence the surname of Adams, and a great admiration for author Mercy Otis Warren who recorded the events of the founding of our nation in her book History of the Rise, Progress and Termination of the American Revolution.

May the good Lord bless this humble attempt to honor their legacy and the Christian heritage this nation was founded upon, amen.


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