School Corruption & Propaganda Calendar

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Updated for School Year 2022-23-- Warning-- graphic content

[NOTE: We have updated with the information we have at present. Please check back for additions in the next months as some events firm up their dates.]

Are you sick of your children being subjected to incessant, inaccurate and dangerous messages enlisting their support for—or worse, their involvement in -- homosexuality or gender deviance? And often now, this indoctrination will be interwoven with racism lessons, as if sexual immorality is similar.

Many schools allow or even celebrate these reckless, inaccurate messages on certain days and weeks during the academic calendar. Your children in class will usually have no choice except to endure rainbow posters, library displays, cafeteria tables, special speakers/ assemblies, classroom lessons and school announcements promoting the following events. See list below.

What can you do?

1. Remove your children and teach them at home or in Christian schools.

2. Become thoroughly acquainted with the messages surrounding school-sponsored deception, and equip your children with the facts instead. Go HERE, HERE and HERE for some ideas.

3. Demand equal time for pro-family, morally sensible, factual messages

4. Submit an OPT-OUT form for all such activites. Protect Ohio Children has developed opt-out forms that you can use. Go HERE to access these helpful materials.

Make sure the administration knows you will not tolerate your child being encouraged to embrace sexual deviance, or any part of lessons infused with divisive racial politics. This is blatant manipulation that has no basis in fact.


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