Because She's Black?

 By Samuel Sey - Posted at Slow to Write:

We’ve reached a point in evangelicalism when we’ve become so desensitized by abortion and so manipulated by critical race theorists that some of us would unashamedly celebrate the confirmation of an unjust Supreme Court Justice because she’s black.

Ketanji Brown Jackson was confirmed to America’s Supreme Court a couple of days ago—making her the first black woman to receive that honour.

However, she is the latest dishonourable character in the honourable role.

Just as she infamously claims she doesn’t know what a woman is—she also claims she doesn’t know when life begins.

In a better society, her claims would make her unfit for any consequential role. But in our depraved society, she’s a Supreme Court Justice.

Her history as a judicial activist for abortion is one of the reasons why Joe Biden nominated her (with strong support from Planned Parenthood and NARAL) in keeping with his promise to select a judge who would help strengthen and expand abortion laws in America.

And yet because she’s black, some evangelical leaders and organizations essentially joined abortion and LGBTQ activists to celebrate Judge Jackson’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.