Attacked Pastor in Sudan Sentenced to Month in Jail

Al Jazirah state, Sudan. (TUBS, Creative Commons)

 Posted at Morning Star News:

Muslim extremists assaulted three Christians during worship.

JUBA, South Sudan (Morning Star News) – A pastor in Sudan who was attacked during worship this month was sentenced to a month in jail on Monday (April 25) under a law against disturbing the peace, sources said.

Judge Awad Ibrahim Kury, a Muslim, found Pastor Stephanou Adil Kujo of disturbing the peace under Article 69 of Sudan’s 1991 penal code and sentenced him to one month in jail beginning April 25, said the Christian’s attorney, Shanabo Awad. The assailant who attacked him, Ibrahim Kodi, was also sentenced to a month in jail on the same charge.

During worship at the Evangelical Luthern Church in Al Hag Abdalla, about 85 miles southeast of Khartoum in Madani, Al Jazirah state, three Muslim extremists on April 10 disrupted worship and attacked three Christians. The assailants were led by Kodi, locally known as Banaga, who punched Pastor Kujo, tore his shirt and assaulted two women of the congregation, Awad said. The other two assailants tore Bibles and broke chairs.


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