What their anger about ‘Go Home’ reveals

By Elizabeth Prata - Posted at The End Time:

In 2019 at the Truth Matters conference, there was a panel Q&A. Moderator Todd Friel of Wretched Radio ended the session with a sort of lightning round, by asking John MacArthur to respond to the some names with one or two words only. Friel said, “Beth Moore” and famously, MacArthur’s reply was “Go home”.

You can see the entire discussion with video host commentary, here. Or without commentary, here.

That was not all he said. He expounded on his thought regarding why he said what he said, why Moore should go home. He used scripture and said there is no place in the Bible that allows a woman to preach. Owen Strachan was asked to reply as well, and Phil Johnson replied too. So the entire conversation was not simply two words, but a scripture-based mini-lesson on the error of a woman preaching.

Moore waited two and a half years, and this week tweeted out a Twitter thread whining about how long she has been waiting to hear an apology from MacArthur who said ‘go home’ and also from the other men who replied.


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