Conservative Baptist Network launched amid 'woke' trend in SBC, emphasizing Scripture, evangelism

By Brandon Showalter - Posted at the Christian Post:

Amid growing concern that the nation's largest Protestant denomination is increasingly "woke" and drifting from biblical orthodoxy, a new network has formed to emphasize evangelism and the sufficiency of Scripture within the Southern Baptist Convention.

The Conservative Baptist Network, which is being launched Friday [February 14, 2020], describes itself as a grassroots effort to maintain the proclamation of the Gospel at the center of SBC life, in addition to prioritizing fidelity to Scripture and all of its implications, including presenting a vibrant, biblically-informed witness when engaging culture. The network fully affirms the longstanding beliefs of the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.

Those involved in the network's formation, many of whom spoke with The Christian Post, say their efforts are needed given the direction and perceived future of the Convention that many devout Southern Baptists find troubling. But the network is not, they say, a new denomination, a blog or a social media page that exists solely to air grievances or a competitor with other like-minded ministries.


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