Scottish Minister Who Helped 2,000 People Escape the Nazis Memorialized in France

Rev. Donald Caskie (1902 - 1983)

By Stephanie Martin - Posted at

The Rev. Dr. Donald Caskie, a Church of Scotland minister who saved more than 2,000 people during World War II, was recently honored at a ceremony in France. The organization Le Devoir du Memoire (“Duty to Remember”) installed a plaque at Fort de la Revere near Nice, where Caskie, nicknamed the Tartan Pimpernel, helped Resistance fighters escape through a sewer system.

“These men were heroes of the shadows who did not seek reward and only thought about whether or not they had done their duty,” said Le Devoir du Memoire secretary Nicole Pinon while presenting a commemorative medal to Caskie’s nephews on October 19. “Our goal is to never forget.”

Nephew Tom Caskie said he was “bursting with pride” at the well-deserved tribute. “He was a hero of the Second World War,” he said of his uncle, “and is still remembered with affection for his time as the minister of the Scots Kirk in Paris and the things he did with the Resistance to save thousands of lives.”