Domesticating Death

By Keith Evans - Posted at Gentle Reformation:

Last month, as my aunt crossed from life to the eternal destiny which awaited her, death unwelcomely inserted itself into my family's life. Death has a way of doing that. It barges right in, uninvited, disrupting life. It rudely divides families, and leaves those who remain behind mourning, sorrowful, and diminished from who they were prior to the loss. It never comes at a desirable time, because honestly, there is no desirable time to face the enemy known as death; that final consequence due to all of us for sin.

And yet there are some (nay many!) in the church today (not to mention the world!) who seek solace in making death something less than our enemy. “Celebrations of Life” for the deceased in lieu of proper funeral services are requested even of reformed pastors by reformed parishioners in reformed churches. Faithful saints of God seek to conceal their sadness, put on a happy face, and focus solely on the positive:

“They’re in a better place”, they say.

“They’re better off”, you hear.

“They’re finally free from their constant pain”, it is alleged.

“It’s a normal part of life”, some muse.


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