Your Political Tribe Can't Save You

By John Hendryx - Posted at Monergism:

Do not replace Christ with political tribalism or the state. These are false christs which cannot save you.

When Christians or Christian ministries spend most of their time fighting and posting about politics ... when 90% of their posts on social media are responses to today's political news, the gospel tends to get lost. But don't get me wrong. This is not a statement against being involved in politics. We ought to be. I wholeheartedly affirm that Jesus is Lord over all things and that includes the State and the Magistrates. Rather, I believe, as Christians, we ought to be against REPLACING Jesus with political tribalism and a worship of the state -- which is a clear and present danger among some in the church. There are Christians and Christian ministries appear to be so caught up in politics, that they are in danger of being devastated when they lose, which reveals that they have replaced Christ with politics. It is a fact that the general equity of God’s judicial Law is still applicable to the civic sphere, but let's not put our hope in it. In the end, politics is small.... governments come and they go... but the kingdom of God is eternal.


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