Church, We Have a Problem

By Jimmy Myers - PACT: Partners Against Child Trafficking - Posted at YouTube:


"Church we have a problem"

Recently, Dr. Gary Dyer, Pastor at Austin Baptist Church, introduced Jimmy Myers, a Licensed Professional Counselor, to deliver an extremely sensitive topic to his church family. It was a bold move that is not discussed, if at all, let alone at church: pornography. Please don't stop reading, you need to know this information to help save our children and our families. In fact, the porn industry is one of the main factors that feeds into child sex trafficking.

Pornography is now at epidemic levels that run across our entire country and the world. It is devastating our families, our youth and our churches. According to various reports, currently, the porn industry’s net worth is about $97 billion.

13 states have already declared that

Pornography is a Public Health issue

Last week, a bill was introduced by State of Texas Rep. Valoree Swanson (R-Spring), who called for a push for education and research to deal with the onerous influences of pornography. Assuming the Bill continues to the Governors Office, Texas will be the 14th state that has declared that pornography is in fact, a public health crisis.

While PACT is a faith based, non-legislative nonprofit: PACT applauds that our government officials acknowledge that pornography is a threat to our society and that our communities need to be made aware of the facts and have access to proven research based education and training on how to stop the threat of pornography.


This is where PACT excels with a research based, counselor led and proven solution called Xp. Xp is a course that trains individuals how to rewire their brain and break their addictive behavior and become free and healthy again. By breaking the behavior PACT helps disrupt the demand. By disrupting the demand we can end child sex trafficking.

Xp is a break through that was developed in collaboration with Dr.Laurel Mellin, Founder of EBT, and her team that is recognized as one of the foremost authorities in neuroplasticity.

To learn more, register for the Workshop which is led by a LPC trained in brain rewiring and in complete anonymity at your own computer. Xp is for women or men (separate sessions) over 18 years of age.

Source: PACT May 1, 2019 E-Newsletter


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