Pastor spearheads drug rehab center

Inez First Baptist Church Pastor Casey Carver stands in front of the old Inez Motel that he hopes to help turn into a drug rehabilitation center.

By Mark Maynard/Kentucky Today - Posted at Baptist Press:

INEZ, Ky. (BP) -- The Inez Motel may have once been a place where drugs were exchanged and even used regularly.

Owners of the rundown motel sold the property, which is located in the middle of downtown Inez, Ky., a couple of years ago. But nobody else seemed like they wanted anything to do with it. The new owner wasn't sure if anything good could ever come from it.

Martin County is like many Kentucky counties in trying to deal with a drug issue that appears to be running rampant and destroying families daily.

Casey Carver, who became the new pastor of Inez First Baptist Church in January of last year, met with some citizens that spring to identify the area's biggest problems. And the No. 1 answer seemed obvious.

"These drugs are all over the county and we're right in downtown Inez," he said.


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