Free Speech, Sex Recession, and Our Strange New Public Square

By Samuel D. James - Posted at Letter & Liturgy:
In our era, what’s truly Christian or conservative is not always easy to discern.
A few years ago, Bill Maher appeared on the (now shuttered) Charlie Rose Show. Maher is one of the smugger, less sufferable “New atheist” types, and has more or less made a lucrative career out of representing conservatives and religious people, especially Christians, as idiots at best and theocrats at worst. So it was a bit surprising to see a clip from his interview with Charlie Rose getting passed around with enthusiasm amongst many conservative (and Christian) politicos. In the clip, Maher draws the ire of Rose by arguing that Islam is a “unique threat” to democracy and freedom. After Rose countered that many Christians are just as intolerant as Muslims, Maher blasted the equivalency, pointing out that opinion polls of Muslims in the Middle East show majority support for capital punishment of apostates and adulterers—something not true of worldwide Christians.