Self-Care Sundays for a Self-Centered World

By Sharon Sampson - Posted at Gentle Reformation:

Perhaps you’ve heard of Meatless Mondays and Taco Tuesdays. I’ve just recently learned a new one – Self-Care Sundays. While reading an article in a popular women’s magazine, I saw a reference to this new-to-me idea. A quick internet search taking only .45 seconds returned 416,000,000 hits, and I realized this must be a real thing!

What are Self-Care Sundays? I found many recommendations about activities I could be doing to make my Sundays a lot better for me – suggestions to help me to set aside my regular work and responsibilities and to relax; to help me to be better organized for the week ahead; to help me to enjoy nature; to help me to eat better, etc. There was some encouragement to spend time with others, but I’m really to focus on myself, including others only if I find it to be helpful. Music and reading were mentioned, and I was encouraged to keep a thanksgiving journal and to learn to love myself more – both body and soul. One article even promised ideas that would fill me up with serenity and joy.

Below is what the Westminster Confession of Faith (Chapter XXI) has to say about Sundays (emphasis mine): ...