Kidnapping, Torture in Egypt of Christian Woman from Sudan Highlights Convert Pressures

Posted at Morning Star News:
Muslim extremists also threaten to kill husband, daughter.
JUBA, South Sudan (Morning Star News) – A Christian mother from Sudan had deep cause for fear last November when her Muslim brother went to her church in Cairo, Egypt with a photo of her husband and asked members if they knew his whereabouts.

Muslim extremists from Sudan had kidnapped and tortured her less than two years earlier in Cairo, and they threatened to kill her husband and daughter if she refused to return to Islam.

The 42-year-old Ebtehaj Alsanosi Altejani Mostafa was tied to a chair in a darkened room with no windows when her abductors gave her that ultimatum in February 2017, she told Morning Star News.

“I will not go back to Islam – I hate Islam,” she told them, as they continued beating her, Mostafa said.

She had fled to Egypt in 2005 after being jailed five times for her faith in Sudan. In Cairo she met a Sudanese pastor, also a convert from Islam, who would become her husband; he had also fled persecution in Sudan. Since she was kidnapped, tortured and raped in February 2017, Mostafa and her family have had to change residences several times due to the Sudanese Muslim extremists’ threats on their lives.


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