Over 578 kids sexually abused at US children's camps; victim describes being molested by counselor

By Stoyan Zaimov - Posted at the Christian Post:

More than 578 children have been victims of sexual abuse at children's camps in the U.S. over the past 55 years, according to a new report.

A news segment on "CBS This Morning” reported that 21 cases surfaced this year, though victims’ advocates fear many other children haven't reported the abuse they suffered.

One mother in Texas who wasn’t named allowed her son to speak with a psychologist about the molestation he suffered at the hands of a camp counselor in 2009.

"After you took a shower, you'd put on your towel, and he didn't want you to wear underwear under it," the boy said, adding that the alleged incident happened at Camp La Junta. 
"He would check all the kids, but under their towel," he added. "He wouldn't look under there. He'd just stick his hand up."

The boy’s mother said she knew something was wrong when he returned home.

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