How an Old Book of Theology Changed My Life

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By J.K. Wall - Posted at Gentle Reformation:

“I count myself one of the number of those who write as they learn and learn as they write.”

Ten years ago this fall, I lived out that famous quote from Augustine of Hippo. I started writing about a book of old theology—Messiah the Prince—which I had not yet fully read. What I learned in the process has changed my life.

I did this because I had to. I had been hired, more or less, to write a modern version of the book—to give today’s readers easier access to Symington. The final product was published in 2014 as Messiah the Prince Revisited. (Shameless plug: You can order the original here or my modernized abridgment here.)

As I wrote the introduction, I had to ask and answer the question, “So what? Why should anyone care about this book?”

The answer, as I said, changed my life. And I think it will change yours too. Because Symington’s answer, for those with ears to hear, will tell you the meaning of life. It will tell you what we’re all doing here, in this life, on this earth.


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