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Christian Missionary Charles Wesco Killed in Cameroon

The Charles Wesco Family - Source:

"Therefore we are always confident, knowing that, whilst we are at home in the body, we are absent from the Lord: (For we walk by faith, not by sight:)" 
~ 2Cor. 5: 6,7 KJV

Charles Wesco's Christian Testimony:

I was saved at the early age of five, when my mother led me to Christ. I was obedient in baptism as an eight-year-old boy. I clearly sensed God’s call upon my life to preach from early in my childhood. Then, when I was 15, Pastor David Miller preached a message in our church (which was very missions minded) entitled “Those Who are Sent,” and he followed up the following Sunday with a message entitled “Those Who Stay.” During that first message, God worked mightily in my heart, and in the second, brought me to the point of not just private, but public surrender to God’s call upon my life, from which, by God’s grace, I have never turned back! God also impressed upon my life at that time that my life would include foreign mission work, and not just preaching in the States.

As a 12 year old boy in my grandfather's piano factory, I learned the “tent-making” trade skill of Piano Tuning, under the tutelage of a blind piano tuner in the factory (which skills have proved invaluable in meeting my family’s physical needs over the years). As a young man I also received extensive training in sacred music, and only by God’s grace I was able to become fairly proficient on the piano, as well as developing some basic skill on a number of other more portable instruments (which have proven beneficial to mission’s work).

Over the years God has provided many wonderful opportunities for me to serve Him, and to grow into my calling (2 Tim 1:9). During my childhood and young adult years I was extremely active in extensive Bible Memory and meditation and had numerous godly men in the church who “provoked me to love and good works” and who loved me and kept me accountable (Titus 2). After completing the materials myself, I was also an active leader and teacher in our church’s Bible Memory program for many years, eventually writing and putting into place an entirely new Bible Memory Program. I received my Bible training under Dr. John Whitcomb through his Christian Workman School of Theology and also had the privilege of sitting under a number of other pastors over the years who also impacted my life spiritually such as Dr. Pickering, Dr. SM Davis, Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, Evangelist John and Pastor Wayne VanGelderen, Dr. David Cummins, Dr. Fred Moritz, Evangelist Rick Flanders and Dr. Paul Benware.

The Lord has allowed me to serve Him in many ways here in the States the last 12 years, as a Bible Institute director and Pastor of Discipleship, music director, an assistant pastor in a church plant (which grew to be self-supporting), church treasurer, children’s church leader, etc.

In the Fall of 2014, the Lord began to intensify in our hearts a burden and calling to the Continent of Africa. I had been on several previous missions trips to Africa before we were married, and already had left a part of my heart there. My wife also had always felt a strong burden for missions. As we prayed and sought as to where the Lord would have us to serve Him next, He began to open many doors for the country of Cameroon. During our survey trip in the Spring of 2015, the Lord deepened our love and burden for the people of Cameroon, who are so needy and so open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Since our return to the States, the Lord has made His calling upon our lives quite clear, very much similar to Paul’s Macedonian call in Acts 16. God has called our family to much the same ministry into which Timothy of old was called: to evangelize, baptize, and teach faithful men, who then go forth to multiply and repeat the church-planting process (Matt. 28:19, 20; II Tim. 2:2).

We look forward to seeing what the Lord of the harvest will do in and through our family, as He thrusts us into His harvest in Cameroon! Your prayers for our family are vital, as we partner with other missionaries and national Christians, to see His harvest multiplied, and not left wasting away in the field!


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Published on Oct 30, 2018


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