China: Four churches given ultimatum: join government network or face closure

Posted at ChinaAid:

(Chengdu, Sichuan—Nov. 17, 2018) Authorities in China’s southwestern Sichuan province have been conducting massive crackdowns on unregistered churches in the region, issuing final warnings and requiring that pastors decide whether or not to join the official churches.

Four churches have already received this warning, including Shangxi Church in Guangyuan, Guiyi Church in Mianyang, and Xinguang Church and Joshua Church in Chengdu.

“A few churches’ pastors, who I have connections with, already received the government’s final warning, requiring that they should make a decision within two weeks: either join Three-Self Churches or be disbanded,” a local Christian said.

In China, in order to be considered a legal venue, churches must become state-run churches—otherwise known as Three-Self Churches—allowing officials to monitor them. As a result, many churches do not register with the government.

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