A Facebook Story

By Don Sucher - Posted at American Thinker:

I am a regular Facebook user. Not a typical one, I expect. You'll see only an occasional family picture post from me, and absolutely no photos of kittens. No, nor those little "Hallmark Card" (as I call them) posts, either – the touchy-feely "feel good" ones with Snoopy, rainbows, hearts, unicorns, and flowers along with a bit of "ain't life sweet" poetry.

No, I post different types of things. Themed postings under titles such as "My Morning Read" – often a thoughtful post, not a few of which are links to articles here on American Thinker. Or shorter posts, often with irony, under the heading "My Daily Uh Huh."

Some weeks back, a Facebook friend – someone I never met face to face but with whom I share several interests including a love of traditional Western values and music-making – wrote to say he had a received a message from Facebook with a few short questions about whether or not he found my Facebook posts positive and encouraging or the opposite.

His response, he said, was positive, and I heard nothing more on the subject. But I was then aware that on some level I had come to the attention of Facebook's thought police. Thus, what happened to me this morning was less than a complete surprise.

Since this is a Facebook story, I will tell it with Facebook postings – mine as well as theirs.


  1. Hi, Angela! I appreciate having the opportunity to read this post by American Thinker. Thank you!


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