Zombies & prayer at the Georgia statehouse

The Georgia Capitol was the site of both filming for the zombie-laden series "The Walking Dead" and an observance of the National Day of Prayer. - Photo by Mike Griffin (Baptist Press)

By Art Toalston - Posted at Baptist Press:

ATLANTA (BP) -- The zombie-laden horror series, "The Walking Dead," and the National Day of Prayer shared common ground, literally, at the Georgia Capitol on May 3.

A number of people in eerie, dirty-looking black clothing were eating on the statehouse lawn when Mike Griffin, public affairs representative for the Georgia Baptist Convention, arrived early to set up for a Facebook Live airing of the noontime National Day of Prayer gathering.

"I thought maybe they were feeding the homeless," Griffin said.

A number of trailers had been pulled to the main doors and Griffin asked a security guard, "What's going on out here?"

"They're filming The Walking Dead" came the reply.

The National Day of Prayer observance was slated at one end of the capitol building. The crew of The Walking Dead, which airs on the AMC cable channel, had rented the rotunda and the other end of the building, partitioning off the rotunda.

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