Hollywood’s Sexual Predators

By Ray Comfort - Posted at Living Waters:

There are other sexual predators that man’s law ignores. There are millions who regularly peer through a window of a television or movie screen at people who are highly paid to have sex.

It has been known for years that Hollywood has sexual predators, but in 2017 the dam burst. What was once hidden in the darkness of the entertainment and media industry was suddenly dragged into the light.

Sexual abuse, like STDs, is one of the negative consequences in a society that has thrown off moral restraint. If anything goes, then there are no real boundaries, and so we have to live with the consequences.

Take, for example, a certain popular television network that hires foxy ladies to host its programs. They are almost always attractive blondes who wear revealing fitted dresses and have long, shapely legs that are often filmed from a low angle.

This is an accepted form of sexual exploitation, but few complain because the women are highly paid, and the male viewership is through the roof.